10 Fun Facts About America Even Americans Don't Know

   10 Fun Facts About America Even Americans Don't Know 

All right here are 10 fun facts about  America even Americans don't now say how  much do you know about the US if you're  from the land of opportunity you're  probably thinking probably everything  there is to know I do live here after  all but were you aware that the Library  of Congress could have a record of some  of your social media posts or that some  of the most famous American landmarks  look a whole lot different in the past  let's see which of these 10 little-known  facts about the United States will  manage to surprise you the most,now let's  kick this list off with something we all  associate with the U.S. 

10-Out-of-this-world flag 

First off the way  the flag is used in America can be a bit  unusual for outsiders in most countries  around the world  the flag is usually reserved to mark a  governmental building or some official  location in the US however you can see  the star-spangled banner waving in the  wind at fast-food joints standing tall  in people's yards or attached to their  houses and printed on all kinds of stuff  like clothing pillows and coffee mugs as  such many Americans love their flag and  have traveled with it to all corners of  the earth and beyond in fact there were  actually six American flags placed on  the moon during the Apollo landings it's  unknown whether all those flags are  still standing but the ones that remain  have most likely been bleached  completely white from exposure to  radiation from the Sun. 

9- Americans on the moon 

So speaking of the moon no other country  has walked where Apollo 11 mission  commander Neil Armstrong took his  memorable one small step on July 20th  1969 and while we all recognize him as  the first man on the bone 11 other  American astronauts through six Apollo  moon landings have trod its surface as  well  if Armstrong was the first not many  people know that the last man to stand  on the moon was Apollo 17 commander  Eugene Cernan he left the lunar surface  on December 14 1972 saying I take Man's  last step from the surface back home for  some time to come pretty epic. 
8-The greatest of the great lakes 

Of  course  most Americans are well aware that Lake  Superior is the greatest of the great  lakes hence the name  I'll bet many of you don't know that the  Native American Ojibwe name for the lake  is gitche gumee but no matter what it's  called did you know that it's also the  largest freshwater body in the world in  terms of surface area measuring about  thirty one thousand seven hundred square  miles this lake is about the size of  North Carolina and with a volume of  2,900 cubic miles Lake Superior is big  enough to cover the entirety of North  and South America in a foot of water  bring your boots  it's that massive the US shares this  honor with Canada since Lake Superior  along with all the others except for  Lake Michigan washes up on both  country's borders.   

7-The most  visited museums in America   

Two museums  are tied as the most visited in America  the Smithsonian National Air and Space  Museum located in Washington DC houses  the world's largest display of aviation  and space artifacts including the Wright  Flyer and the command module from the  Apollo 11 moon  and remember Neil Armstrong that was his  ride  now the other is New York's Metropolitan  Museum of Art which has over 2 million  works from some of the greatest artists  in the world like Monet Rembrandt  Renoir van Gogh Picasso and many others  both museums saw around 7 million  visitors in 2017  tying them for the number 3 spot on the  list of the world's most visited museums  second place goes to the National Museum  of China in Beijing and the number-one  spot belongs to no not the world's  biggest rocking chair in KC Illinois  although that's really cool number one  is the Louvre in Paris. 

 6- America's favorite drink

So what do you  think America's favorite drink is go  ahead and guess down in the comments tea  coffee soda juice if you think soda you  wouldn't be entirely wrong since it was  the top beverage choice for Americans  until recently now the crown has been  passed to drumroll please  bottled water yep looks like the US is  slowly ditching the sugary bubbly stuff  for good old h2o uh-huh the stuff you  used to drink for free and now you pay  for very American did you also think of  coffee well you can give yourself some  points for that one as it's America's  favorite when it comes to flavored  drinks in 2016 Americans consume 88.8  gallons of coffee per capita so now you  know why your favorite coffee shop is  always so crowded. 

5-The  Library of Congress archives 

The Library  of Congress in Washington DC is the  largest library in the world holding  over 167 million items like rare books  manuscripts photographs recordings and  plenty of other important and historical  materials it all  works as the official research library  for the United States Congress and is  home to the US Copyright Office it's  basically a sea of knowledge in tweets  apparently according to the library  they've been archiving tweets since 2006  to preserve a record of knowledge and  creativity for Congress and the American  people so if you've ever posted anything  embarrassing it might just be in their  archives luckily though in December 2017  the library announced that they'd stop  collecting tweets from everyone and  would be way more selective from 2018  onwards.
4- Hollywood land   

The  Hollywood sign is a symbol of dreams  come true for thousands of hopefuls that  moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a  career in the land of entertainment  the 352 footlong sign is made up of 45  foot tall letters and cost around  $21,000 to build back in 1923 that would  be about $300,000 by today's rate but  when it was installed back that this  iconic sign actually read Hollywood land  instead of Hollywood it was originally  meant to be a real estate ad for an  upscale district that was only supposed  to stand for about a year and a half but  with the rise of the cinema industry  ownership passed to the city of Los  Angeles in the 1940s and the final four  letters were removed to reflect the sign  we know today.
3-Halloween  craze 

Do you celebrate Halloween well  the numbers show that millions of  Americans love this spooky holiday  enough to make all kinds of expensive  purchases according to the National  Retail Federation more than 175 million  Americans are estimated to participate  in the holiday in 2018 and they'll spend  around nine billion dollars most of the  expenses will go towards candy  followed by decorations costumes and  greeting cards although Halloween has  ancient Celtic origins from what is now  present-day Ireland it's been a popular  holiday in the US since the early 20th  century  [Music]  looks like it'll continue being one  really fun spooky and expensive night  and parents will again swipe candy from  their kids once they go to bed go ahead  use sticky finger parents raise your  hands whoa there's a lot of you. 
2-The Empire State Building lightning  strikes 

The tallest building in America  is the One World Trade Center at 1776  square feet but for a long time from  1931 to 1972 it was the 1250 foot tall  Empire State Building that held this  title and when it comes to the Empire  State Building lightning does strike  twice in the same place at such a height  it's bound to attract lightning which is  why there's a lightning rod installed on  the antenna at the top of the building  according to its website the building is  zapped an average of 23 times per year  another tall structure in New York the  Statue of Liberty is also hit by  lightning occasionally but thankfully  Lady Liberty is grounded by a granite  pedestal and massive concrete hmm  speaking of which   

1-The Statue  of Liberty 

The whole world associates  America with the Statue of Liberty it's  a national monument that's been featured  in all kinds of movies and acts as our  symbol of freedom now you might be  familiar with the fact that the statue  was a gift from France to the United  States to commemorate 100 years of  independence from the British crown  a lesser known fact is that Lady Liberty  looked quite different when she first  arrived in New York from Paris when the  copper statue was completed and brought  to America in 1886 it was more like the  color of a penny but through the years  the copper has oxidized changing the  color statue from a shiny golden brown  to the greenish blue patina we know  today by the way you can climb the 162  steps from the pedestal to the crown for  a unique view through the tiny windows  up there but there's only a very cozy  six feet of space there and you'll need  to buy tickets well in advance and there  you have it bright ciders.   

Do you know  anything else about the items on this  list or maybe some other little-known  facts about the US have you ever visited  any of the landmarks mentioned today let  us know in the comments below if at  least one of these facts were new to you.