Top 10 Best Healthy Lifestyle Habits To Do NOW

Top 10 Best Healthy Lifestyle Habits To Do NOW 

today i will talk about ten healthy lifestyle habits and these  are the habits that I actually use every  single day of my life even when I'm in a  splurging kind of moment in terms of my  health and fitness and which I just  don't do any of that but it still keeps  me on track to where I don't go  completely out of control so here are my  10 habits alright the first habit is.

1-Set goals & have schedule 

to  set goals and plan ahead workout class  meal prep me time work family time  whatever it is that you need to do that  day having a schedule and actually  planning it out will definitely make  your life easier and make follow-through  more likely I think for me it's more of  a mental thing like Asia you committed  to do this so get your butt off the bed  and get to it if you dedicate yourself  to a few days at the gym plan for  healthy meals for the week ahead or  block off Sunday for a game of Thrones  and face masking you'll be more inclined  to stick with it. 

2-Utilize Leftover meals 

the next tip is to  utilize leftovers now for me I actually  don't really meal prep I like food too  much to make food on a Sunday and eat it  all the way to a Friday to me like the  quality of like taste and texture just  kind of declines every day that that  just sits in the frigerator but I also  totally understand the importance of  prepping your food so what I like to do  instead of cooking entire meals is I  legitimately just food prep chopping on  vegetables or marinating things that  taste better marinated overnight or over  a couple days like rice or quinoa is  easy to make in bulk and also smoothies  I'll make maybe two cups of smoothies so  I can have one cup today and one cup  tomorrow there's a lot of ways that you  can work around the whole food and  eating situation because of course you  know when you get hungry and you don't  have anything  the fridge or you just don't have the  desire to make anything that's when bad  choices can be made as long as you prep  to whatever your level of comfort is you  should be good to go.
 3-Don't compare yourself to others 

the next habit  that we should get into if we want to  live a healthier lifestyle is probably  the most difficult and it is to not  compare yourselves to others jealousy  sadness envy those are all really  unhealthy qualities to just live in and  just living in the social media realm  that we are in right now in which were  always being by bombarded with  picture-perfect relationships or  picture-perfect women or men or whoever  is really hard to not get into that  really unhealthy lifestyle I actually  talked about how I started unfollowing  people who made me feel bad about myself  and that's just something mentally I  needed to do so you just need to one do  that if you really need to like remove  all these toxic images from your mind  but you also just really need to remind  yourself that you are amazing inside and  out and I know that is probably the  hardest thing to do something that I  used to do when I really really really  needed to work on my self-confidence was  that every day I would write on a mirror  whatever mirror that you see the most  for me it was my bathroom mirror I would  write down one positive thing or one  thing that I absolutely loved about  myself it can be as small as you know I  love my long nails or it can be  something as huge as I am a great leader  in a group work situation whatever it is  that you love about yourself right that  quality on a mirror every time you see  that mirror look at it and feel it Wow  you know I have these beautiful nails  Wow I am  such a great leader every single time  you see that in the mirror and then the  next day you add one more quality to the  list and every day after that for a week  you write one quality that you love  about yourself and by the end of the  week you will have seven qualities that  you love and from there you can either  continue or you can just live in those  seven qualities but honestly from  beginning to end those are probably  seven qualities that you never thanked  yourself verbally for so this is all  about verbal affirmation and once you  see it and feel it every single day  you're actually gonna start believing it  like really really believing it and your  confidence will start to grow from there.
4-Regular Exercise or activity  

the next tip it wouldn't be a health  healthy lifestyle video without it is to  get regular exercise in and actually  sort of exercise I'm just gonna call it  regular activity and because it doesn't  necessarily have to be a workout it can  be a nice long walk or it could be a  kick-ass spin class whatever it is you  need to keep your body movement so like  on some days while I'm at home I might  want to get in a really kick-ass long  hit workout where I just sweat and on  other days I want to take it more mellow  and just do and our Pilates are doing at  home workout for abs for 10 minutes  whatever it is figure out what works  best for you and just know that not  every day needs to be the same all right.

5-Hangout with friends 

thenext tip I think is incredibly  important and tip number five is to hang  out with your friends I honestly feel  the most relaxed and most comfortable  when I am around my girlfriends and you  may just love love love your significant  other like I love Brian but there is  something about that relationship  between best friends that just can't be  beat so whether it's post work drinks or  you know a group workout class schedule  out time to spend as much time as  possible with your friends and just hang  out and let loose all right.

6- Drink more water (Hydrate) 

the next tip  is to hydrate now I feel like whether  it's a workout video or a skincare video  always talking about hydrating because  just I think we as humans are just  chronically dehydrated and that just  makes a world of difference in terms of  health not only body wise but also skin  wise cut your body weight in half and  that's how many ounces you should aim to  drink every day so I'm 120 pounds so I  should be drinking 60 ounces every day  so that's like a good starting point to  figure out how much water you should be  drinking once you start actually  hydrating yourself you can begin to feel  when your body feels dehydrated and just  add from there.
7-Try something new

tip number seven is  something that I am actively working on  and it is to try something new  now you wouldn't necessarily think  trying something new would be a great  habit health-wise to get into but it  really it is I have something new get  you out of your comfort zone it makes  you really really uncomfortable and it  challenges you it's very scary to do  something new but embrace that feeling  because once you accomplish whatever it  is that you want to accomplish  you know how confident and how amazing  you're gonna feel at that moment it's  gonna be incredible though this can mean  something different for everyone  maybe it's a new workout class maybe you  want to learn a new skill maybe you just  want to be able to go to the movies by  yourself figure out what it is that you  really really really want to accomplish  and you know set a timeline to get it  done.
8-Get enough sleep (6 to 8 hours/day)

tip number eight is to get  enough sleep when we don't get enough  sleep we not only feel like crap but  frankly we kind of look like crap too  and our mind just does not work the same  getting six to eight hours of sleep is  ideal and don't give me that you know I  don't have time to sleep  bs because you need to start making time  for yourself .

9-Listen to your body & don't eat junk food 

habit number nine that we  all need to get into is to listen to  your body we all know that eating junk  food is not good for us we know we read  it we feel it but what we also might not  know  is some of the healthy foods that we eat  aren't good for us either listening to  your body is really the only way to  figure out what works for you  so I've definitely cut back on me like I  don't really eat red meat or meat in  general at all because it doesn't make  me feel good I don't drink milk I don't  eat dairy because it doesn't make me  feel good  so start really listening to your body  and if you feel sluggish or you know  constipated no one wants to talk about  that or bloated after you eat something  that's probably a good sign that you  should cut that out alright   10-Take Vitamins & Minerals  we have come  to habit number.

10 Take probiotics and  vitamins

taking supplements or vitamins  minerals probiotics is just a really  easy way to make sure your body is  running on all cylinders everyone has  different things that their body needs  to work on so I would definitely  recommend going to a doctor or in my  case like a holistic doctor for them to  tell you what vitamins and minerals you  need to take but for me, in general, I  take b12 I take vitamin C and I take  probiotics which I think everyone needs  to add into I guess their diet there are  a lot of probiotics out there I like to  use cultural Pro well immune and energy  because it also has vitamins that help  support my immune health and keep me  energized which sometimes the b12  doesn't really work so anything else  that I can add to help with my energy is  good for me speak to your doctor figure  out what vitamins and minerals you need  to add to your diet and get to it.

alright everyone so those are my 10  habits for a healthy lifestyle what are  some of your own wellness tips you can  let me know in the comments, I hope you utilize these 10  healthy habits and let me know if you do  and let me know if you like it and just  let me know whatever it is you want  I made sure dang thank you so much